Walther's 932-9770 Santa Fe 1956 El Capitan Budd 85' High-Level 72-seat Coach Car HO

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Budd 85' Hi-Level 72-Seat Coach #700-724
Walthers Part # 932-9770
HO scale

Santa Fe 1956 El Capitan 

* Based on Cars used 1956-71 
* Real Metal Finish 
* Prototypically Accurate Window Tinting 
* All Grab Irons Factory Installed 
* Six All-new Cars Designed from Budd Plans 
* Window Gasket Details as Appropriate 
* Matching PROTO 2000(R) Santa Fe 37-Class F7 Locos Available Separately 
Based on the 1956 consist with its unique Hi-Level cars, the HO Scale "El Capitan" is a great addition to any collection or Santa Fe layout - and these cars can be run with Walthers "Super Chief," just as the Santa Fe did after 1958!

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