Walthers 920-109012 DTTX Gunderson Reguilt A-P 53' Well Car #471869 HO

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Trailer-Train DTTX #471869 (yellow, black; Maroon Logo)
Walthers Part # 920-109012, p. 100 Walthers 2018 HO Scale Reference
HO scale

Modernize your HO intermodal operations in minutes with WalthersProto Gunderson Rebuilt All-Purpose 53' Well Cars! 
With the arrival of a new generation of larger highway trailers and containers for domestic service in the 1980s, Gunderson introduced an updated well car capable of carrying containers from 20 to 48', and equipped with trailer hitches at both ends. The design proved popular into the 1990s when 53' trailers and containers appeared, along with newer well cars to handle them. Structurally sound and years from retirement, the now surplus 48' cars provided the basis for a rebuilding program launched in the late 2000s resulting in two sizes of rebuilt cars. The cars were cut apart and a section removed for the 40' versions, while the 53' cars had new sections welded in place at either end. With fresh paint and revised lettering, many are now in service all across the US. 
Based on cars rebuilt to handle 53' equipment, these WalthersProto models feature: 

  • Limited Edition - one time run of these roadnumbers!
  • Prototype conversions in service mid-2000s to the present
  • Carries containers from 20' to 53'
  • Etched metal see-through walkways
  • Heavy die-cast metal body for excellent tracking empty or loaded
  • Authentic body "weld line" details
  • Factory-installed wire grab irons, brake gear and other details
  • Ultra-smooth rolling metal axles and 33" wheelsets
  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers
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