Blackstone B340227 D&RGW 30' Stock Car, #5578 Flying Grande Herald

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The 2012 release of Blackstone Models HOn3 D&RGW 5500 Series Stock Cars includes six new road numbers. This release featuress two body styles -- B2/3 and B2/6 -- which represent the appearance of the cars after they were rebuilt by the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad. 

Also known as the simpler “early style,” the B2/3 style was the predominant look after the rebuild in 1926. It is decorated with D&RGW lettering and the road number. 

The B2/6 style, or “later style” implemented in 1939, has three additional lettering boards sporting D&RGW lettering, the road number and the Flying Grande herald.

Freshly shopped cars are painted a semi-gloss black, while some road numbers feature a matte black paint to represent the slight fading that occurs from a few years of exposure to heat and sunlight. They also are available with optional weathering.