Atlas O 30134037 D&RGW F7A #5584 3-rail Non-powered

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Atlas continues its series of historic EMD F-unit locomotives with this latest release of the F-7. The mid-1940s found the majority of North American railroads in the process of re-equipping their motive power fleets. The war effort had taken its toll on the steam locomotive and the rail lines were now looking at the diesel newcomer which had proven itself during World War II. At the forefront was General Motors with their E and F series of passenger and freight locomotives. This series of models focuses on the year 1947, and highlights the motive power direction of some of America’s most well-known railways. These locos also feature some of the most colorful paint schemes ever applied to freight and passenger locomotives.

Rio Grande F-7s are decorated similar to the Atlas O Trainman 60’ Passenger Cars “Rio Grande” Combined they would make a matching train set.

Rio Grande F-7s are also appropriate for hauling the Atlas O California Zephyr Streamlined Passenger Cars.

Amtrak F-7s are appropriate for hauling the Amtrak O Streamlined Passenger Cars (former California Zephyr cars.)


  • Steam generator detail on either the A or B unit as appropriate by railroad
  • Highly detailed body with railroad-specific details
  • Available in powered and unpowered versions
  • All metal grab irons
  • Die-cast metal chassis, fuel tank and trucks
  • Twin flywheel-equipped motors
  • Directional golden-white LED lighting
  • Accurate painting and lettering
  • Close-coupling between units
  • Weight: 5 lbs/unit; Length: Approx. 12.5”/unit
  • Minimum diameter curve (3-Rail) (A-unit): O-36
  • Minimum diameter curve (3-Rail) (B-unit): O-45
  • Minimum radius curve (2-Rail): 36”


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