ATLAS O 3003302-2AB CSX #620293 Gunderson Twin-Stack 2-car set 3-rail

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Based upon the Gunderson prototype of the mid-1980s, these cars helped usher in the "stack train" era of intermodal service. Designed to hold a combination of 40' and 45' containers, these cars run in 5-unit articulated sets. 


  • Distinctive bulkhead design
  • Die-cast body panels
  • All metal grab irons and stirrups
  • Unique brake system details
  • Roller-bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps
  • Accurate painting and lettering
  • All 5 units of the complete articulated set are available in 2 convenient packs: 
    Pack A - contains units A and B
    Pack B - contains units C, D and E
    (C-D-E set requires A-B set to function properly)
  • Minimum operational radius: 
    Minimum diameter curve (3-Rail): O-54
    Minimum radius (2-Rail) : 36"
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