920-80152 Proto 2K Conrail SD9 #9273 DCC/Sound HO

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Chicago, Burlington & Quincy #9273 (black, gray, Everywhere West Slogan)
Walthers Part # 920-80152
N scale, sold out at Walthers

* Limited Edition -- One Time Run of These Roadnumbers! 
* Perfect for Yard or Industrial Work 
* Split Frame Mechanism 
* All-Wheel Drive & Electrical Pickup 
* 5-Pole Skew-Wound Motor 
* Die Cast Underframe for Pulling Power 
* RP-25 Metal Wheels Operate on Code 55 or Larger Rail 
* Micro-Trains(R) Couplers 
By 1954 railroads were buying diesels as fast as EMD could build them, and customer demand for more powerful units carried over into the switcher market as well. With the introduction of the new 567C prime mover that year, EMD rolled out its new 1200-horsepower SW9/1200 model which shared the same basic body (with minor variations) and power rating with its predecessor, the SW9 (which had a 567B prime mover). SW9/1200s were produced through 1966 when earlier GPs began taking over yard chores, but these later SW models lead long lives with many still serving shortline and industrial roads long after "retirement" by the original owners.