920-48650 Proto 2K Burlington CB&Q GE U28B #140 DC

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* New Schemes
* Road-Specific Detailing
* 14:1 Helical Gears for Smooth, Quiet Performance
* Five-Pole Skew-Wound High-Torque High-Efficiency Can Motor
* Low Speed Under 3 Scale MPH
* LED Constant & Directional Headlights
* Easy Multiple Unit Operation
* Metal Grab Irons & Lift Rings
* Available With or Without Factory-Installed Tsunami Sound & DCC
* Proto MAX Metal Knuckle Couplers
By the 1950s, railroads were shopping for more powerful units to replace earlier diesels, and a horsepower race between EMD, ALCO and General Electric began in earnest. GE took a bold step forward, unveiling its brutish new Universal series in 1959. Production began with a 2500-horsepower, four-axle unit, known as the U25B in 1960 -- and railfans quickly nicknamed them U-boats. The success of the new series soon pushed GE into the number two spot in locomotive sales.
In 1966 a 2800-horsepower prime mover was added to create the U28B. Only 148 units were built that year. Late production units (which are the prototypes for these models) had a shorter nose and some differences in the radiator intakes, which were carried over into early U30B production. Late in 1966, GE introduced a 3000 horsepower prime mover in the U30B. Many features were carried over into the new body however later production units had revised air intakes. Total production ended at 296 units in 1975.

Detailed to match Phase 2 units in service from about October 1966 through 1969 with:
* Late U28B Style Body w/Dynamic Brakes
* Shrouded Leslie S-3L Horn
* Firecracker Antenna
* Cab-Mounted Headlights
* Operating Nose-Mounted Red & White Safety Lights
* Large Radius Fixed Cab Side Windows
* Small Hand Brake Wheel
* Louvered Left Side Battery Box
* Pilots w/Footboards
* AAR-B Style Trucks