920-48278 Walthers Proto Milwaukee Road F3AB #82A/82B DC HO scale

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920-48278 Milwaukee Road #82A, 82B (gray, orange, lightning bolt)

* Limited Edition -- One Time Run of These Roadnumbers! 
* Based on Group #80 Phase 4 F3s 
* New Lightning Bolt Scheme as used from 1949 through Mid-50s 
* Road-Specific Details Including: Dual Slit Dynamic Brake Wire Screens Dual Leslie A-200 Horns Nose Door Mounted Headlight Passenger Style Pilot Full Fuel Tank Skirts Knob-Style Sand Hatch Covers Horizontal Type Stainless Steel Side Grilles Nose Ladder Stand Offs & Eyebrow Grabs 
* Authentic Bulldog Nose 
* Lighted Numberboards 
* 14:1 Helical Gears for Smooth, Quiet Performance 
* 5-Pole Skew-Wound High-Torque High-Efficiency Can Motor 
* Machined-Brass Flywheels 
* Low Speed Under 3 Scale MPH 
* LED Constant & Directional Headlights 
* Proto MAX(TM) Metal Knuckle Couplers