920-41618 Proto 2K Burlington Northern SD9 #6139 DCC & Sound HO scale

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Burlington Northern #6139 (Cascade Green, black)
Walthers Part # 920-41618
HO scale
* Limited Edition - One Time Run of These Engine Numbers 
* In Service 1954 - Present 
* New Road Specific Details as Appropriate 
* SoundTraxx(R) Tsunami(R) Sound for DCC & DC Layouts 
* Heavy Die Cast Metal Underframe 
* 14:1 Helical Gears for Ultra-Quiet & Smooth Running 
* Easy Multiple Unit Operation 
* Superb Paint & Lettering 
* Metal Grab Irons & Lift Rings 
* LED Constant & Directional Headlights 
* Five-Pole, Skew-Wound, High-Torque, High-Efficiency Can Motor 
* Proto MAX(TM) Metal Knuckle Couplers 
The debut of the SD9 in 1954 marked the next step forward for EMD's Special Duty line of six-axle diesels. Except for the placement of the class lights, the SD9 looked almost the same as the SD7 introduced in 1952. But under the hood, the new 567C prime mover delivered 1,750 horsepower. While four-axle power still dominated overall sales, the SDs were soon drawing well-deserved attention. In service, the three-axle Flexicoil trucks delivered almost twice the pulling power of their GP counterparts, proving ideal for demanding assignments in helper, yard, transfer and heavy freight service. With its weight spread over six axles, the SD9 was also well suited to lightly built routes, and many were purchased especially for branch line duties. By the time production ended in 1959, 515 SD9s were in service on over a dozen railroads. Some are still going strong after 50+ years of service! 
Based on Phase 2 units from late 1950s to early 1970s with: 
* NEW Hood-Mounted Bell and Bracket 
* Rolled Handrails 
* Firecracker Radio Antenna 
* Nathan P5 Horn 
* Winterization Hatch 
* Dynamic Brakes 
* Short Hood Forward Operation

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